40 years’ experience in deep drawing and shearing
We’ve been making our clients happy for over 40 years
La sede di Effebi a Brugherio (MI) vista dall'esterno

Our company, working with metal deep-drawing and metal cold shearing for over 40 years, can realize a wide range of customized products to meet our clients’ needs, based on specific drawings, on either small or big numbers.

This is why we can produce simple shearings and also more complex deep drawings.


Visione interna della sede operativa di Effebi a Brugherio (MI) We have from 25 tons to 150 tons power presses and hydraulic presses up to 150 tons, in order to form metals which are maximum 400 mm high, using metal sheets 0,5 to 4 mm thick.

We mainly use raw materials such as cold metal plates for deep and very deep forming, various typologies of metal zinc-plated and aisi metal zinc-plated, with a law compliance certification.

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